Duress (Ro.: violență – viciu de consimțământ, constrângere fizică/morală – cauză de înlăturare a răspunderii penale, Gr.: παράνομη βία ή απειλή, Cz.: nátlak) (See also: coercion, compulsion, constraint, blackmail, undue influence, self-defence, necessity) = wrongful violence or threat which coerces a person to do or not do something he/she would otherwise do.

(in contract law) An agreement under duress is not binding for the parties (void), as there is no valid consent from both parties.

(in criminal law) Duress is a valid defence, which means that the person who suffered the threat/violence will not be held responsible for his crime. 


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Legislation - French Civil Code, art. 1111-1115 [English] - Romanian Civil Code [Romanian]

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By Irina Negruțiu