Debenture (Ro.: obligaţiune/ titlu de creanţă, De.: ~e Schuldverschreibung, Fr.: débenture, n.f./ obligation non garantie, n.f., Gr.: ομόλογο, Cz.: dluhopis) (See also: bond, indenture, loan stock, note, security, security interest, stock, treasury bill, treasury bond) = a debt that is secured not by some specific asset(s) of the debtor, but rather by the debtor’s financial reputation and credit worthiness (credit rating); a document that evidences such a debt. 

In England debentures are usually secured by a lien over the debtor’s assets and unsecured debentures are called 'naked debentures'.

Convertible ~ (Ro.: obligaţiune/ creanţă convertibilă, De.: ~e Wandelschuldverschreibung, Fr.: débenture convertible, n.f./ obligation non garantie convertible, n.f., Gr.: ~με μετατρέψιμες ομολογίες ) = a debenture that its holder may request to exchange for (convert into) some other corporate security, for instance, a share of stock.

~ stock (Ro.: obligaţiuni (Br.)/ acţiuni (Am.) preferenţiale, De.: ~e Obligation mit Treuhandsicherung/ ~e Anleihe mit schwebender Belastung des Gesellschaftsvwermögens (Br.)/ ~e Vorzugsaktie (Am.), Fr.: débenture-action, n.f./ titre obligatoire, n.m., Gr.: ~ομολογιακό δάνειο) = a fund comprising the money borrowed by a public institution or by a private company, charged on its property. 

Senior ~ (Ro.: obligaţiune/ creanţă prioritară, De.: ~e vorrangigen Schuldverschreibung, Fr.: débenture de premier rang, n.f., Gr.: προνομιούχο ~ ) = a debenture that entitles its holder to be paid in full, prior to the holders of subordinated debentures.

Subordinated ~ (Ro.: creanţă subordonată, De.: ~e nachrangige Schuldverschreibung, Fr.: débenture subordonnée, n.f./ obligation non garantie de rang inférieur, n. f., Gr.: κοινό ~) = a debenture that does not entitle its holder to receive any payment before the holders of senior debentures are paid in full.


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