Reverse discrimination (under EU law) (Ro: discriminare inversă, Fr.: discrimination à rebours, n.f., Gr.: αντίστροφη δυσμενής διάκριση (Δίκαιο της Ε.Ε.), Cz.: pozitivní diskriminace, Cr.: obrnuta diskriminacija/pozitivna diskriminacija) (See also: free movement of workers, purely internal situations, right to residence, subsidiarity principle) = the situation when the national law of the EU Member State provides a worse treatment under EU law for its own citizens or its domestic products, than for other EU or non-EU citizens/goods.


Useful links

Legislation  - Consolidated Version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Part Two, Non-discrimination and citizenship of the Union [English]

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By Diana Buzilă