Conditional discharge (in criminal law) (Ro.: amânarea aplicării pedepsei, Fr.: libération conditionnelle, n.f., Gr.:υφ' όρον απόλυση, Cz.: zprostit žaloby) (See also: conditional sentence, parole, probation order, sentence of probation, suspended sentence) = the sentence pronounced by a criminal court ruling that, although the defendant was found guilty of a criminal act, a conviction is not necessary, provided that the defendant complies with certain imposed conditions. 

Absolute (unconditional) discharge (in criminal law) (Ro.: renunțare la aplicarea pedepsei, Fr.: libération inconditionnelle, n.f., Gr.: παύση της ποινικής δίωξης, Cz.: zprostit žaloby) (See also: pardon, record suspension) = the sentence of a criminal court ruling that, although the crime was technically committed, the punishment of the defendant would be inappropriate, considering all the circumstances.


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Legislation - Romanian Criminal Code, Art. 83, Romania [Romanian] - Romanian Criminal Code, Art. 80, Romania [Romanian] - Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000, Part II, UK [English] - Schweizerisches Strafgesetzbuch, Switzerland [Deutsch] - New York Penal Law, US [English] - Connecticut Code, US [English]

Article 105 of the Greek Criminal Code [Greek]

Article 370 of the Greek Criminal Procedure Code [Greek]

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