Extradition (Ro.: extrădare, De.: ~e Auslieferung, Fr.: extradition, n.f., Gr.: έκδοση κρατουμένου, Cz.: extradice) (See also: Aut dedere aut judicare, Abduction, Banishment, Deportation, Expatriation, Expulsion, Extraterritorial jurisdiction, Rendition) = the process of surrendering an individual accused or convicted of an offense, by the state whose  territory he/she is found on, to the state competent of judging  and punishing him/her, usually under the provisions of a bilateral treaty or statute.

~ treaty  (Ro.: tratat de ~, ~s Vertrag, Fr.: traité d’extradition, n.m., Gr.: συμφωνία έκδοσης) (See also: Speciality principle, Dual Criminality) = an agreement between two states through which they consent to extradite offenders, often listing the crimes  the person can be extradited for and/or providing a minimum standard of punishment. 

Warrant of ~ (Ro.: mandat de ~, De.: ~r Antrag, Fr.: mandat d’extradition, n.m., Gr.: αίτηση έκδοσης) = a written request of extradition addressed to the asylum state, which indicates the identity of the offender and the crime he/she (allegedly) committed on the territory of the demanding state. 


Useful links

Legislation - Romanian Criminal Code [Romanian] – French Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter V – Extradition, articles 696-1 to 696-47) [English] – U.S. Code [English] – Extradition Law of the People’s Republic of China [English] - European Convention on Extradition [English] – Extradition Arrangements within Asia-Pacific [English]  + – Australia Extradition Act 1988 and Extradition Regulation 2013 [English] – Romania’s bilateral treaties regarding extradition [Romanian]

Organizations and associations – Extradition Lawyers’ Association - Fair Trials International – National Association of Extradition Officials (USA) - Fugitive Recovery Network (USA) - INTERPOL

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By Irina Negruțiu