Liability (Ro.: răspundere, Gr.: ευθύνη, Cz.:  odpovědnost) (See also malpractice) = someone’s legal responsibility for the consequences of one of his/her actions or omissions; 

The main types of liability are criminal and civil liability (the last divides into delictual liability and contractual liability). 

Joint and several liability ~ = when two or more persons are responsible for the same action/omission. Presumed there is a previous agreement between them, the liability is binding on all members of the group (not necessarily proportional). The enforcing party can choose to hold responsible any member of the group or all of them together.

Vicarious ~ (răspundere indirectă) = someone’s legal responsibility for a third party’s harmful action. This type of responsibility arises when the responsible party has a particular legal relationship with the third party. For example, the responsibility of the employer for the actions of the employee due to the relation of subordination during the working program.


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By Ioana Bărăian