Statute of limitations/Prescription (Ro.: prescripție, De.: ~e Verjährung, Fr.: délai de prescription, n.m./ prescription, n.f., Gr.: παραγραφή, Cz.: promlčení, Cr.: statusna ograničenja) (See also: equitable tolling, limitation of action, limitations period, statute of repose) = a norm (contained in a statute or in a law) which limitates the period of time during which a legal proceeding can be initiated, thus regulating the legal consequences of the passing of time; a means through which a right is extinguished or it is constituted.

Prescription is generally used in civil law, but a similar form  finds application in criminal law. 

Acquisitive ~ (Ro.: prescripție achizitivă, De.: ~e Ersitzung/ ~eUsukapion, Fr.: prescription acquisitive, n.f.) (See also: adverse possession, usucaption) = a way of acquiring property through continuous possession of the asset in question. It is applied in the domain of real rights.

Extinctive ~ (Ro.: prescripție extinctivă, De.: ~eVerjährung, Fr.: prescription extinctive, n.f./ prescription libératoire, n.f.) (See also: barred action, statute-barred) = represents the extinction of the right to introduce a legal action. It is applied both in public and in private law.

~ in criminal law (Ro.: prescripție penală, De.: ~eVerjährung (im Strafrecht), Fr.: prescription pénale, n.f.) = the extinction of the obligation to bear the consequences of the offender's criminal offense, due to the transition of the time period provided by law.

The prescription of criminal liability is the cause of extinction of the offender's obligation to bear the consequences of the criminal act he/she has committed, as a result of the passage of time expressly established by law.

The prescription of punishment represents the disappearance of the executive force of the decision on conviction as a result of the time passage.

The starting  point of ~ (Ro.: momentul de la care începe să curgă termenul de prescripție, De.: ~rBeginn der Verjährungsfrist, Fr.: délai de prescription, n.m) = the point in time from which the limitation period starts to run and a legal action can be introduced regarding a certain situation.


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By Ioana Bărăian