Impeachment (Ro.: punere sub acuzare/ suspendare, De.: ~e Anklage/ ~e Absetzung, Fr .: mise en accusation, n.f./ destitution, n.f., Gr.:παραπομπή σε δίκη, Cz.: obžaloba z velezrady) (See also: witness impeachment, indictment) = a procedure which consists of bringing formal charges against a person provided with state authority, because of his or her illegal activity or misconduct.

In the U.S. this is a preliminary procedure in the attempt to judge and remove a public official and will not necessarily end with a conviction, while in the U.K. impeachment is an independent process. In Italy, Croatia, and the Czech Republic, the President can be impeached and the Constitutional Court has the final decision in his removal, while in Romania the final step in the impeachment process is the referendum. 

Articles of ~ (Ro.: act de acuzare, De.: ~e Anklageschrift, Fr.: articles de la mise en accusation/ de destitution, n.m., Gr.: άρθρα του κατηγορητηρίου ) = a set of charges drafted by the state officials, before initiating the impeachment procedure 

~ proceedings (Ro.: procedură de punere sub acuzare/ suspendare, Fr.: procédure de mise en accusation/ de destitution, n.f., Gr.: παραπεμπτική διαδικασία) = a series of legal steps and actions carried out prior to impeachment 

~ trial (Ro.: proces de punere sub acuzare, De.: ~s Gerichtsverfahren, Fr.: procès, n.m./ instruction, n.f., de mise en accusation) = a formal process in which a person is accused of illegal activity or misconduct, the process resulting in civil punishment, criminal punishment, or removal from office


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By Mădălina Moldovan