Notary/Notary public (Ro.: notar/ notar public, De.: ~r Notar/~e Notarin, Fr.: notaire, n.m. ou f./ notaire public, n.m./ notaire publique, n.f., Gr.: συμβολαιογράφος, Cz.: notář, Cr.: javni bilježnik/Notar, Alb.: Noteria/ Noter Publik) (See also: affidavit, authentication, legalisation, notarisation, oath, power of attorney) = (in common-law systems - 'notary public') a public official appointed by state authority, who is handling non-contentious matters and performing legal tasks such as: notarising documents, administering oaths, taking affidavits, acknowledging deeds and conveyances, etc. In order to become a notary public, the applicant must have undergone both an academic and a professional training, and must have passed an admission procedure.  

(in civil law systems- 'notary') a holder of a public office with jurisdiction on non-contentious private law matters (family law, wills, inheritance, property law, commercial law, company incorporation, etc.). A notary must have certain qualifications: to hold a law degree, to undergo several years of practice at an established notary’s office, to pass a national examination in order to be admitted to practice.


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By Oana Gligan