Joint Venture (Ro: consorțiu, asociație în participațiune, grup de interes economic, companie mixtă, Gr.: κοινή επιχείρηση, Cz.: společné podnikání) (See also: business partnerships, corporate law, due diligence, shared management, risks, equity) = an association of two or more individuals or companies which share specific risks and benefits, for a pre-determined, usually short period of time, while each maintains its independence. Joint ventures were largely developed in the Common law systems, but in the past decades, the concept has been adopted and adapted by continental legal systems as well, under different forms. As a result of globalisation, joint ventures today are widely spread in the international arena.

~ agreement (contract/acord de ~) = the contract parties sign, comprising the terms and the contributions of each party in the association.

international ~ ( ~ international) = strategic alliance involving companies with an international reach, usually for easier market access, better knowledge transfer and combating geographical constraints.


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Practical use - Template for a Joint Venture Agreement - Example of Recent Joint Venture


By Ioana Stupariu