Trespass (See also: assault, battery, false imprisonment, personal property, real property, unlawful entry) = (in criminal law) an intentional and unlawful breaching of another’s property through violence or with a criminal purpose.

~ to the person (Ro.: distrugere/ violare de domiciliu, Fr.: atteinte directe, n.f./ intrusion illicite, n.f., Gr.:  καταπάτηση, Cz.: neoprávněný vstup na cizí pozemek) = a person’s act of intentionally causing injury to the plaintiff’s person, rights, or property, through assault, battery, or false imprisonment, without justification or consent.

(in tort law and in property law) an injury caused by unauthorised interference with a person’s property rights.

~ action (Ro.: acţiune civilă pentru protecţia juridică a dreptului de proprietate, Fr.: action pour atteinte directe/ intrusion/ atteinte immobilière, n.f.) = a remedy used by a victim in order to recover damages or receive compensation for injury caused by unauthorised interference with the plaintiff’s personal property

~ to land (Ro.: tulburare de posesie/ violare a dreptului de proprietate, Fr.: intrusion, n.f./ atteinte immobilière, n.f./ atteinte à la possession, n.f./ violation du droit de propriété, n.f.) = a person’s intentional interference  with another person’s real property without permission, license, justification, or necessity.


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By Ana Pintea