Easement on real estate (Ro.: servitute funciară, De.: ~e Grunddienstbarkeit/ Prädialservitut, Fr.: servitude foncière, n.f., Gr.: πραγματική δουλεία, Cz.: věcné břemeno váznoucí na nemovité věci) (See also: emphyteusis, profit à prendre, real covenant, right of way, superficies) = a non-possessory interest by virtue of which one person (easement holder) has a right to go through or otherwise use for some particular limited purpose a piece of land owned by another person. The parcel of land that benefits from an easement is called 'dominant estate', and the piece of land that bears the burden of an easement is called 'servient estate'.

Negative ~ = a type of easement that forbids the owner of the servient estate to do a particular action (for example, to erect a building on the servient estate that would block sunlight for the dominant estate)

Positive ~ = a type of easement that requires the owner of the servient estate to permit the easement holder to do a particular action (for instance, to go through the servient estate)

Private ~ = an easement that only a specific person or a group of specific persons may legally benefit from


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Legislation - Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000(§ 12 – Effect of right of access on rights and liabilities of owners; § 68 – Vehicular access across common land etc.) (England and Wales) [English] - Law of Property Act 1925(§ 1 Legal estates and equitable interests; § 2 Conveyances overreaching certain equitable interests and powers; § 187 Legal easements; § 200 Notice of restrictive covenants and easements) (England and Wales) [English] - Restatement (Third) of Property (Servitudes) § 4.8 (2000) (USA) [English] - United States Code (40 U.S. Code § 1314 - Easements) [English] - Romanian Civil Code, Art. 760 [Romanian]

Case law

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