Preemptive right (Ro.: drept de preempțiune, Gr.: δικαίωμα προτίμησης, Cz.: předkupní právo, Cr.: pravo prvokupa, Alb.: e drejta e parablerjes) (See also: first-look deal, call option, put option, right of first refusal, follow-on offering, subscription privilege)

(Broad meaning) generally, it regards the contractual right of one party to purchase an asset of the other party before it is offered to a third party. 

It can also have a legal nature. This means that the first opportunity to buy is granted by law to certain parties which enter a juridical relationship. For instance, in France, when someone sells their property there are cases in which local authorities have a right of preemption if that property is necessary for developments of public interests. In Romania and in France, tenants are granted preemptive rights should the owner decide to sell.

(Specific meaning) in company law, it is the privilege granted through the contract of association to stockholders to buy new stock that will be issued, with preference to other potential buyers. Its purpose is to preserve their percentage of the ownership of the company.


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By Bianca Alexandra Prunea