Lien (Ro.:  privilegiu, sarcină, drept de retenție, drept de gaj, drept de sechestru, Gr.: ενέχυρο, Cz.:  zadržovací právo) (See also: charge, claim, hold on property, encumbrance, hypothecation, liability, obligation, restraint, title impairment, mortgage)

= a type of security interest which lies upon an item of property in order to ensure the execution of an obligation. In a legal relationship the party that grants the lien is called a lienor, while the party that benefits from it is called a lienee.

The term has various significations in different parts of the world. For instance, while in the US it is used to refer to a wider range of encumbrances and has a non-possessory nature, in other common law countries the term means a specific, possessory type of security interest.

equitable  ~  (privilegiu echitabil) = a type of lien imposed by courts on the right of property, for reasons of fairness.

statutory ~ (privilegiu legal) =  a type of lien granted by law in certain situations.

contractual ~ (privilegiu contractual) =  a type of lien which has a consensual nature, meaning that the parties of the contract have agreed upon inserting this type of security interest in their contractual relation.

common-law ~  (privilegiu creat pe bază de precedent) = a type of lien which has its origin in the the common law, rather than in laws, equity or the parties’ agreement.

mercantile ~ (privilegiu comercial) = a lien granted in commercial relations.

~ on shares (privilegiu pe acțiuni) = a lien granted on the shares of a certain shareholder in a company.


Useful links

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By Bianca Alexandra Prunea