Counterclaim (Ro.: cerere reconvențională, Fr.: demande reconventionnelle, n.f., Gr.: ανταγωγή, Cz.: protinárok) (See also: crossclaim) = a procedural act used in response by the defendant, by means of which he or she is challenging the plaintiff’s claims, while seeking relief at the same time for his or her own substantial claims


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Legislation - Civil Procedure Code, Art. 209, Romania [Romanian] - Civil Procedure Code, Art. 64, France [French] - Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Title III, Rule 13, USA [English] – Civil Procedure Code, Art. 377, Switzerland [English] - Magistrates' Court General Civil Procedure Rules 2010 - Reg 10.02, Australia [English]

Article 268 of the Greek Civil Procedure Code [Greek]

Organisations and associations - Counterclaims and other additional claims, UK Ministry of Justice (UK) - Answer, Special Defense, Counterclaim, and Setoff to a Civil Complaint, State of Connecticut Judicial Branch (USA)

Online Publications – Counterclaim, Legal Information Institute


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By Raluca-Andreea Trîncă-Găvan