Murder degree (criminal law, common law) (Ro: Tipuri ale infractiunii de omor, Fr: degrés de meurtre, Gr.: υπαιτιότητα δολοφονίας, Cz.: skutková podstata trestného činu vraždy, Cr.: stupanj ubojstva) (See also: first degree murder, second degree murder) = refers to the distinction made by many jurisdictions in dividing type of murders. The most common division is between first and second degree murder. 


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Legislation [UK] [USA] The commonwealth of Massachusetts [USA]

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Online Publications, Arnold Barnett, First-degree murder and the death sentence in Georgia, M.I.T. Working Paper, Keith Blinn, First degree murder – a workable definition, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol. 40, Issue 6, 1950, Philip J. Cook, The costs of processing murder cases in North Carolina, Duke University


By Ruxandra Popescu