Blue chip company = (Ro: companie performanta apartinand categoriei «jetoanelor albastre» ; Fr. : entreprises type «jetons bleus»)(See also: market capitalization, High yield investments, Fortune 100 Companies, CAC 40 index, Green chips, Alpha stocks, Penny stock investment) =  a financially sound company that has operated in its industry for many years, building a strong name and offering dominant products or services, which is seen as a profitable and safe investment on the market. 

~ stocks = the stocks of a ~ company, usually seen as high-priced and valuable stocks.  While dividend payments are not necessary for a stock to be considered a blue-chip, most ~ companies have a record of paying stable dividends on a regular basis

~ index = an indicator that ranks the best blue chip companies, used as a benchmark for the actors of the financial markets. It is often price-weighted, so that stocks with the highest prices will have the most influence, but profit-earnings ratios, debt equity ratio, management efficiency, nature of business also matter.

The term is believed to have been derived from poker as a comparison, where blue chips are the most expensive chips; it therefore does not have a legal basis. Practitioners came up with it and today it is a widely used concept. 

Useful resources

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By Diana Buzilă