INCOTERMS (Ro: Incoterms; Fr.: Incoterms; De.: Incoterms, Gr.: διεθνείς εμπορικοί όροι) (See also: Incoterms 2010, International sales of goods, Contracts, Carriage, Insurance, Unloading in port of import/export, Export/Import customs clearance, Export/Import duties and taxes, DDP, CIF, DAP) = International Commercial Terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to be taken as a point of reference in both international and national trade agreements and as a tool to facilitate the contractual negotiation and their implementation. These terms define different combinations of parties’ obligations regarding the execution of the contracts.

Incoterms are used to make international trade easier, helping traders usually situated in different countries to understand each another. The oldest Incoterms date to 1936, and since then they have been updated in order to correspond to the most current business practices (last update in 2010, establishing 11 terms).


Useful resources

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By Diana Buzilă