Money laundering (criminal law) [Fr.: blanchiment d' argent, Gr.: νομιμοποίηση εσόδων από παράνομες δραστηριότητες]  (See also: dirty money, white collar crime, financial crime, terrorism financing, drug trafficking, insider trading) = the process of concealing or disguising the illegal origin of property that has been obtained from criminal activities, so that it appears to have originated from legitimate sources. 

There are three steps in the process of money laundering:

(a) Placement: the act through which the perpetrator acquires the illegitimate property, usually a crime in itself. For example, the proceeds of drug trafficking, tax evasion, bribery, false accounting practices or even terrorist activities can constitute such property.

(b) Layering: the act of concealing or disguising said property's origin - usually through the use of shell companies and offshore accounts.

(c) Integration: the perpetrator appears to have acquired the property through legitimate means.

It must be noted that the perpetrator of money laundering is not necessarily the perpetrator of the crime from which the property originated.


Useful Links

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By Angeliki Tsanta