Aggression (Fr.:aggression, Gr.: επίθεση, Alb.: Agresion) [See also: crimes against peace, use of force, international crime] = the use of force by a state against the sovereignty, integrity or political independence of another state. It is considered the most dangerous form of the illegal use of force. According to the United Nations, the following constitute acts of aggression: the invasion or attack by the armed forces of a state to the territory of another state; bombardment by the armed forces of a state on the territory of another state; the act of a state allowing its territory to be used by another state for committing an act of aggression against a third state; port blockade; sending organised armed groups or mercenaries to the territory of another state.

Even though the crime of aggression falls under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court according to the Rome Statute, the Court cannot exercise this jurisdiction until January 1, 2017, when the 30 States Parties will ratify the definition of this crime, as adopted by resolution in Kampala in 2010.

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