Supremacy of EU law (Ro.: suprematia dreptului comunitar, Fr.: primauté du droit de l'Union européenne, De.: Vorrang des EU-Rechts, Gr.: υπεροχή του δικαίου της ΕΕ) [See also: direct effect, primacy, conflict of laws, princiles of EU law] = the principle which dictates that, when there is a conflict between EU law and the national laws of Member States, European Union law prevails. Therefore, domestic courts are implicitly forced to disapply national conflicting legislation. Although not initially enshrined in the primary legislation of the European Union, the principle has been confirmed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). All Member States accept the primacy of EU law, although most national courts also reserve the right (in principle) to review the constitutionality of European law under national constitutional law. 


Useful resources

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By Sabina Aionesei