We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a new issue of our magazine, and, as usual, we are able to present you with an exceptional array of articles, briefings, reports, interviews, and more.  

As we are already two months into 2017, we are excited to present you our latest issue, the 13th, which we hope is going to make a positive impact on you, our readers. A lot has happened between the autumn edition and this one, the most important thing being the completion of our team during the open call. We believe that Lawyr.it is more than an online law journal; for us, it is a team, a hard-working group of students that are devoted to the same goal, of presenting interesting topics with each and every issue, while also trying to be direct about the current global state of affairs and presenting all the facts. 

We have also celebrated four years of Lawyr.it, time in which we have been constantly trying to improve ourselves while also delivering quality content time and time again. And for that, we have to thank you, our readers, for being with us until now and hopefully in the future as well.

I, personally, have been part of this amazing team for one and a half years now and I am really proud of what we have managed to achieve during my time here. And yes, we are always looking to deliver more and more new stuff, trying to be as responsive to your questions as possible, trying to incorporate all sorts of articles into our issues, and most importantly, trying to evolve. That is why I see us growing with each year passing, I see us having more and more team members from all over Europe and maybe from other continents too, I see us delivering content for all preferences, I see us doing a hard-copy version of our issues in the future (if you would be interested in that), and many more things. This is why this is from students, for students, and many other people.

In this edition’s Domestic Focus, we will concentrate on a different range of subjects, rather than focusing on just one major topic. Moreover, these articles are extremely diverse, ranging from Romanian Tort Law to an economics-like view of the social security, while also addressing the civil and criminal consequences of owning a guard dog for protection.

Halfway through our journal you will find the Reflections piece, which is by far our most forward and direct fragment of research on many different themes. It will ‘put under the microscope’ the forensic view on writing and how can authorities identify individuals based on their handwriting, while also addressing more ‘futuristic’ issues, such as the domain name system and how are countries trying to combat cybersquatting. Additionally, it tackles different perspectives on just causes of war and corporate responsibility with concrete and actual examples which provide a fresh and exciting view.

The International Focus section also approaches some sensible points regarding the International Law stage, such as data surveillance issues, a topic that has been a nerve-wracking point on the agenda of many global powers for the past few years. Furthermore, this segment also calls up for discussion hot subjects like the current global regime of civil nuclear liability, or the present global regulations regarding extradition and other forms of illegal rendition.

On this issue’s Professional Spotlight we are talking with Miss Irina Negruțiu, a Lawyr.it Alumni and a former Criminal Procedure Teaching Assistant at ‘Babeș-Bolyai’ University in Cluj-Napoca, who has recently got admitted to the National Institute of Magistracy (the INM), about her passion for the field of law, what fueled it, and many more interesting subjects.

As you may already know, our Question of the Issue is a perfect way to get in touch with opinions from different people, such as lawyers, students, and others that are invested in the law. This issue’s question focuses on their favourite subject whilst they were studying the law.

And last but not least, the Devil’s Advocate section is tackling an exciting topic, that has been on the minds of many people for the past year or so, the possibility of social media networks to be sanctioned regarding false news of great public interest. This is all debated from the perspectives of two young students concerned about the current state of affairs.

To end this on a positive note, we, the Lawyr.it team, want to wish you a great 2017, full of joy and accomplishments. We hope that you will keep following us this year because all this would not be possible without your help and excitement, and for that, a gracious ‘Thank you’. Enjoy the read!


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