We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a new issue of our magazine, and, as usual, we are able to present you with an exceptional array of articles, briefings, reports, interviews, and more.  

This brand new issue is not only about the academics; it is also meant to offer a different type of reading experience. Whether you read the magazine in order to gain more useful knowledge or you read it while drinking a hot tea on a chilly afternoon to relax, it will definitely offer you some interesting insights on the subjects presented by our contributors. Furthermore, it will be a fun and challenging read, because it will place you in a position where you will want to know more.

Without ruining the surprises that are waiting to be discovered in the following pages, we can tell our readers that this issue covers, as usual, a variety of subjects. Our magazine opens with the well-known Domestic Focus section, which brings into the discussion some problems concerning the involuntary treatment of mentally ill offenders in Hungary. Next, for our International Focus section, we have prepared an article which sheds some light on the European Union framework on family reunification, also dealing with the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Two other interesting articles will make you deeply reflect upon the subjects they are analysing. The first one is a presentation of the most important aspects of lex mercatoria, starting with the definitions of the term, the historical evolution, and also the subjects which influence its development. The second article is focused on the effects of the judicial elections on criminal law, thoroughly examining case law and studies on this matter. You can find both articles in the Reflections section. 

For our Guest Author section, we have prepared a bold and meaningful analysis on the political rights of the Bosnians and Croats from the Republic of Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Professional Spotlight section features an interview on Lex CEU and how such legislation can influence academic freedom. Dr. Péter Hack, a renowned Hungarian professors at the Eötvös Loránd University, offers his perspective on this issue. The other interview you should not miss is with Adrian Șter, who is a Partner at the Wolf Theiss Bucharest office.

If you are a technology geek, then certainly you will enjoy our Question of the Issue and Devil’s Advocate sections, which tackle a subject that has captivated our imaginations for years: the law in the era of technology. From the benefits of technological advances on the development of law to the impact of technology on the future of the judicial systems, all these issues are of high interest for anyone studying or working in the field of law. Furthermore, you should definitely have a look at our Opportunities section, as we have prepared some very interesting ideas for the upcoming months!

Last but not least, it is time to properly introduce the new editorial team which will be responsible for the creation of our 15th issue, co-run by Krisztina Petra Gula, Adina Ionescu and Alex-Cătălin Sabău. The entire Lawyr.it team is committed to making sure that the project continues and reaches its full potential, in order for every student who has something to share with the world to be heard.

Hoping that the presentation of our latest issue has sparked your curiosity, we enthusiastically invite you to have a deeper look to the content. We would also like to kindly thank all our partners and contributors for their support!




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