At the beginning of 2015, is happy to announce the launch of the seventh issue of our magazine. We have prepared a wide range of articles for all law enthusiasts. 

In this issue, you can find out about fresh opportunities, upcoming events, and consumer disputes in the Devil’s Advocate section. If you are interested in studying abroad, we have prepared an article about the University of Vienna, where you can find more on the admission, curricula and other requirements of the main law school from Austria. 

In our Domestic Focus section you can read an article on a much debated issue, concerning the impact of prostitution legalisation on the inflow of human trafficking, as reflected in the Swedish and Dutch regulations. 

This issue also gathers some articles on the right to justice and the access to justice, even from the perspective of social minorities. If you are passionate about international law, don’t forget to check the International Focus rubric! There are six articles on international matters waiting to be discovered, whether you are interested in the European law, the legal issues concerning the usage of Bitcoins, or Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s ICC trial. 

For our Professional Spotlight section, we have prepared two very interesting interviews, with Cosmin Costas, lawyer and lecturer of Public finance law, and Claudiu Gligan, judge at the Cluj Commercial Court and lecturer at the Faculty of Law.

We warmly invite you to discover our newly published issue.

Read the issue here 


ISSN 2501-1782

ISSN–L 2501- 1782