This set of guidelines has been put together as a support for contributing authors, aimed at achieving a coherent, unified magazine. We strongly recommend authors to follow these rules in order to achieve the format standards required by the editorial team. You will find two separate sections. In the 'what to write' section you will find information in terms of the types of articles we want to promote and publish. In the ’how to write’ section we have dealt with the technicalities, such as formats and the referencing system.

The article must have between 1350 and 2500 words, must be properly referenced and should be sent together with the bibliography used. For references, we require authors to apply the Harvard Referencing System. Footnotes are not accepted. 

Articles that are not properly referenced will not be published, so we kindly ask authors to pay particular attention to the quality and number of sources used when writing the article.

Compliance with these guidelines will increase your chances of publication. Best of luck with your article!

2018-19 calendar: 

October 22- Launch of open call for submissions

December 14 - Deadline for submissions

April 18 - Launch of new issue

May 14 - Launch of open call for submissions

June 8 - Deadline for submissions

August 15 - Launch of new issue


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